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  1. MD, Netherlands

    The bass finally arrived today! It plays nicely and it is beautiful! You made me happy.
    Thank you! I will spend a good part of this weekend trying it out…🤗

    BITE Customer Review
    Jawbone JJ 34″, 4-in-line headstock

  2. Melissa, USA

    Just letting you know I received the bass and she’s beautiful!  Thank you!

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone JJ 30″ short scale, US-eligible artwork

  3. Efi, Israel

    I received the bass yesterday, thank you! Small, pretty with great sound. Today I played with my band and the new “baby” fit in naturally. I am very pleased.

    BITE Customer Review
    27″ short scale, 22 frets, proprietary BITE Evening Star body shape

    BITE Customer Review
    Rear access to control cavity, side-mounted output

    BITE Customer Review
    Ergonomic bolt-on neck-body joint for easily accessible 22 frets

    BITE Customer Review
    Paulownia lightweight build: 2.3kg

    BITE Customer Review
    Cherry Burst finish, maple & black dots fretboard, 2+2 headstock, Gotoh premium bridge, BITE 1000 millivolt pickups in JJ configuration

  4. Greg P., USA

    It’s beautiful and plays like a dream. It’s everything I hoped it would be. Thanks so much! 

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Punch 34″, US-eligible artwork

  5. Alexander, Denmark, Test Bass

    Thanks for the great service! I must say the bass sounds great. I took it to a bass and guitar shop to test it on a good amp and compare to many other basses. It was by far the best sounding and most lively. I was also surprised by the versatility. The bass delivers that punchy tone as promised while also delivering the classic P-bass tone. Very cool. 🙂

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PJ 34″ Splash Test Bass

  6. Jeff Nickel, USA

    Simply…I love it.

    It’s punchy. It’s smooth. It’s dark and bright. The pickup and tone controls significantly alter the sound of the bass—they’re not dummy knobs. Right out of the box (after a long trip from Vienna to Denver) playability was excellent, intonation spot on.

    I tend to agonize over what the instrument I’m looking for needs to be (sound, playability, aesthetics) because I’m going to to play it till I die (at least that’s the idea). This was no exception. I looked at a lot of basses over the last six months, finally landing on Bite as the bass of choice. Summary: couldn’t be happier with the process, the responsiveness on BITE’s end, and—of course—the quality of this instrument.

    Thanks for building me such a great instrument!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PJ 34″, 4-in-line headstock

  7. Guy B, Canada

    Got my bass yesterday and it is….AWESOME!

    Delivery was real fast and it came out of the box perfect! I will play with it for a few days and get back with my comments. I surely will have to adjust my amp to these 1000 mV pickups, never heard passive pickups such as those 😳😀.

    Thanks and in the meantime, could you send me a clean copy of your logo as I want to order a strap with the logo on.

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  8. Jesse Starr, USA

    This is my first custom bass experience and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve gone through a lot of basses through the years and being able to mix all of the components that work “for me” was just magic. I had a ton of questions and some wacky requests but all was met with patience, positivity, caring, and great execution/craftsmanship. Thanks team Bite!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PP, 30″ short scale, no pickguard, no control plate, rear access

  9. Angel Of A Man, UK

    Funky Booster Bass – A stunning bass. A massive range of usable sounds from the set of passive pickups. It goes from funk to metal without any worries. The neck is one of the nicest that I have played on any guitar or bass.

    BITE Customer Review
    4-in-line headstock
    Matched headstock unicolor all around, bite spared

    Customer Review Bass BITE

    Jawbone HH/JJ 34″

  10. W.C., USA

    The bass has arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you very much. You have a happy customer in me.

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone JJ 34″, US-eligible artwork

  11. Reto, Switzerland

    In one word: super! Sadly I could not even enjoy the bass much yet, since my son borrowed it from me. The bass sits nicely in the hands, it’s “easy” to play, the pickups with flatwounds deliver a warm tone but still with plenty of attack. Probably I’ll order another one for my son soon.

    Bass test

    Jawbone PJ 34″, White Steampunk digital configurator body art on Quite White body

  12. Robert, USA

    It’s beautiful and I’m already thinking about ordering another..
    Thanks so much!

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone JJ 34″

  13. Martin Særmark-Thomsen, Denmark

    This is my second BITE bass, it is absolutely awesome! Acoustically, feeling wise and sound wise. The band loves it too. The guitar player thinks I nailed it on the design and the drummer likes the bottom end – he’s not completely cleared away 😉 Wait till I turn up the volume …
    Thanks again for making these awesome basses. I can’t stop playing both basses. They are highly addictive.

    Bass test

    Punch 34″

  14. A.K., Germany

    Great compliments, really beautiful instruments!

    C: Punch H and Jawbone JJ test basses

  15. P.M., Germany

    I had a few days to play with the bass and so far, I am absolutely loving it 🙂

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  16. Adrian L, Australia

    Received this gorgeous Bite bass a few months back and my overall impression is that is great value for money:

    – Finish and overall quality is very good.
    – The neck has been very stable – given its travelled to Australia and with our crazy weather from hot to very humid and wet and now approaching colder months – there has been no fret shrinkage or neck movement and thats a great thing.
    – It has a very punchy and loud sound – so for a passive bass its got enough ‘oomph’ to cut through.
    – The neck feels good to play – familiar and comfortable is how I would put it.
    – The fret work is really good and I’m always surprised how little attention some manufacturers pay to fret edges and tangs. This is good.
    – The balance is well done and is able to be played sitting or standing whilst the overall weight is surprisingly light and takes a bit of getting used to (I initially had an impression that there was not a real bass presence as I’m used to a heavier bass – but that’s not a really issue – only an initial impression).
    – The action is able to be modified to my taste – I started with it quite low and was great and now moved it to my more preferred height.

    Some areas that I probably would change (note these are my personal preferences, not that it affects the playability of the bass):

    – The bridge is basic and I prefer a more solid high mass bridge – (I’m not sure if I could have upgraded that at the time of purchase).
    – I would probably want a mellower tone to suit the styles I play (I’ve changed to more vintage pick ups and tone caps in previous basses and that’s worked for me) – again a personal preference and does not detract from the playability

    The purchasing experiencing was seamless and easy to follow as well as fun playing with the configuration. And then delivery across the globe – no problem at all!

    Overall its a great product and a great purchase and I’ve used it at a number of gigs and full band rehearsals and its does what it should do.

    Customer Bass BITE

    Punch 34″

    • BITE Guitars

      Our standard bridge is a sturdy GOTOH bridge which weighs as much as a respectable high-mass bridge. There are three distinct technical reasons why we install this bridge as default: 3 mm brass, 7 mounting screws for full body contact and guideways for stabilizing saddles sidewards.

      However, we’re also happy to install any other bridge of our customers’ preference. We have installed Hipshot, Babicz and other brands for numerous customers. We need to source such alternative bridges at consumer price, the best way is to mail us a purchase link of the preferred bridge and we’ll have a look whether dimensions fit and we don’t have quality concerns.

  17. J E, USA

    The Bite team knows what it’s doing! My five-string Punch looks and sounds incredible, with all the little specs and changes needed to get a classic-visual Bass made to my modern-characteristic tastes. The pickups sound great, with tons of bite and character, and the build quality feels like a top-shelf Fender for less than the comparable retail cost.
    Custom build quality and freedom for shelf-retail prices? 10/10, would recommend.

    BITE Bass

    Punch 35″, matte 3-Tone Sunburst finish, figured European alder body

  18. Marc, Germany

    As a profi-bass player I was a little concerned about the “Custom” tag with a price <1500€ as i normally associate "custom" with expensive. I didn't need to worry - this bass IS every bit a custom-build! I chose the P/J pickup setting combined with a maple fretboard. The sound is excellent. From a "biting, nasal" sound when employing the rear J-PU to the almost horn-like sound coming from the P-PU at the front, this bass gives me all the sounds I need in one very well-balanced, light and excellently built and finished instrument. Finally, I'd like to say a big thank you to BITE for their excellent customer-service AND for delivering what they promised - a superb instrument built by musicians for musicians. I'll be buying again (if the girlfriend allows). Marc, Stuttgart, GER

    Customer Review BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″, strings: DR Pure Blues 45-105 gauge nickel roundwounds

  19. Sam M, USA

    Never have I felt so in control of making my perfect bass. The configurator alone presented so many customizable options that it never felt like I was just choosing a bass out of a catalog. My new Jawbone PJ bass has a tone that is second to none and the smooth playability that only expert craftsmanship can deliver. Above all else, Bite has THE BEST customer service in the biz. All of my questions were answered promptly and updates around my bass’ production were received like a kid anxiously awaiting a gift on Christmas day. Bite is revolutionizing the market for custom instruments and I am positive that my first Bite bass will not be my last!

    BITE Customer Review Bass

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  20. EF, Hungary

    I’m very happy, thank you!

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone PJ 34″

  21. Jerry G., USA

    I love my bass. I am thrilled with this purchase. It feels great, looks great and sounds great – I feel like it really cuts through the mix onstage and that I can finally be heard. I’m really starting to dial in my sound and absolutely love playing it, especially with the La Bella flats. It’s made quite a visual and sonic impression on my bandmates too and other bassists are surprised at how solid it is because they are expecting a lightweight “toyish” instrument based on the size. Thanks again. It was well worth the wait.

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone JJ 30″ short scale

  22. Michel, Canada

    It just arrived minutes ago. My first impressions are quite positive. It is a lightweight 3.2 KG bass that is very resonant. The setup is perfect. Not a single dead spot anywhere on the neck either. It’s a keeper! Thank you for a job well done.

    review bite bass

    Reverse Punch 30″ short scale, standard size body, figured European alder

  23. Mike Rock, USA

    I refuse to believe that this is a passive bass. That deep sound beats my Marcus Miller and my Stingray hands down. I’d give it 6 out of 5 stars if I could.

    BITE Review Bass

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  24. Jonny, USA

    I had forgotten how a bass should sound. Then my Bite arrived.

    BITE Bass

    Punch 34″

  25. Craig McL, USA

    I wanted to let you know that the bass arrived safe and sound and WOW! It looks beautiful! You guys really picked out a great Candy Apple Red color! There are a million different shades of Candy Apple Red, and yours is really super! I played it through my headphone set up last night and it sounds great! Super punchy and LOUD! I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like when I plug in and play with my various bands.

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″

  26. Dražen Dragović, Croatia

    The instrument is wonderful, I only made a little lower action adjustment and put Elixir strings on. It is really excellently playable, looks gorgeous and sounds strong with crispy highs and velvet deep lows. I posted it on closed bass pages of James Eager ebassguitar.com where there are around 5000 bass players from all over the world and many of them praised the look and the sound of the instrument. I wish you guys long and good work and all kind of blessings!

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone JJ 34″, Intense Mint finish

  27. NBD, USA

    This beautiful bass is simply amazing!  I am super-picky about fit and finish and other details, and I could not find any issues with this instrument.  I imagine the white finish is difficult to get just right, without any imperfections.  The sounds it produces is amazing; I love the variety of tones available via the switching system!

    I selected the wider neck sizing which is perfect for me.  Overall, this bass is really a bargain considering the sound, features, playability, and quality for the price!   😁

    Unfortunately, this instrument has been lonely, so I need to get a partner for “her”.  😂   So…..I will be submitting a configuration for a 5-string soon.

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Jawbone PJ 34″

  28. Jimmy Brandenburg, USA

    Great, love my bad ass bass! My order was flawless and the quality of my bass is very impressive.

    Bass BITE

    Jawbone PJ 34″, all black (finish, pickguard, hardware, pickups, black block fretboard inlays), custom engraved neck plate

  29. Michael, Austria

    I’m very happy with this bass, super sound and excellent build

    BITE Bass

    Punch PP 34″, custom engraved neck plate

  30. Zeb, Germany

    I’m shocked at how good this bass is. I own several premium basses (MusicMan USA, Lakland USA, Fender custom shop) and my Bite Jawbone P/J is easily one of my favorites.

    Supreme build quality, craftsmanship and excellent customer service/communication.

    Thanks a lot to the Bite Guitars Team. This won’t be my last Bite Bass!

    BITE Customer Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″, standard neck plate

  31. Fredrik, Sweden

    I just love it. It’s an incredibly well designed and meticulously crafted instrument 😃👍🏼
    It plays well, it’s well balanced, and it plays very naturally (ergonomic) on the fingerboard and at the microphone area.
    I’m saving regularly and there may come another order in the future.

    BITE Bass

    Reverse Punch 34″

  32. Joakim, Sweden

    Very pleased with everything! Looking solid, real craftsmanship behind the build and sounding even better than expected. Many thanks for a super built bass 🙏 Definitely 5 out of 5 stars 🙂

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″

  33. Julia Simon, USA

    I am delighted with the bass. The neck is a dream! The action is nice and low and the scale is really comfortable. I am most impressed by the warmth of the tone. I play the bass in a duo that performs acoustic blues in the Sacramento Area of Northern California: Chicken & Dumpling (http://www.chickenanddumpling.net/). The bridge pick-up is really phenomenal for alternating patterns. The neck pick-up has the depth and power for great slow blues. I am attaching a photo of me playing her (Bettina) at a gig. I get a lot of compliments on the artwork. All in all, I could not be happier.

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″, Clearcoat finish, US-eligible White Flowers body art

  34. Ludwig, Germany

    Incredible Sound, good handling, beautiful design, high quality materials – altogether: good work BITE-Guitars and thank you for this beautiful bass!

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″, Black Blast finish, Red Tiger body art

  35. Bernhard, Germany

    Great instrument and super smooth experience configuring it. The team was super responsive and supportive! Will for sure buy again… looking for 5 strings… 😉


    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  36. Martin Særmark-Thomsen, Denmark

    I have owned several basses in the same or higher price range. None of them added anything to my playing, so I kept browsing between my 20+ cheap, mainly stock Squier basses.
    Then I took a chance and took a BITE. Every time I pick it up it scares me 🙂
    It sounds amazing. Every little detail in the sound is very well articulated. Just by changing your playing style – or adjusting with the controls (which actually works throughout) – it’s possible to get the tone and expression you want for any genre.
    And it is a very easily played instrument. Effortlessly, with no strain on your hands, you can get clear harmonics, thumpy lows, growling snaring snaps or loads of slappe-di-plucke-di-slap. Every time I play it other band members, fellow bass players or guests notice the sound and the spot-on balance in the mix.
    The craftmanship is excellent, and easily exceed what I have experienced on way higher priced brands. No gaps, loose components, rough fits of shortcuts. Just amazing craftmanship and assembly. Even after travelling 1000 km (measured in a straight line) the setup was flawless.
    On top of that, the dialogue with BITE was top class.

    BITE Customer Review

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  37. Mr. T, Norway

    Great experience overall. The configurator is brilliant and the ordering process easy. Friendly and service-minded, fast delivery, “bullet-proof” packaging. The instrument is flawless, beautiful and very smooth (comfortable with great playability). The Bite pickups are outstanding – very powerful. Highly recommended!

    BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″, Clearcoat finish

  38. Bram, Netherlands

    Awesome bass, superb playability, great service.

    BITE Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″

  39. Dirk K., Germany

    I advise to buy one 😉!

    BITE Customer Review
    C 1: Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

    BITE Customer Review
    C 2: Hipshot D-tuner 

  40. Al, UK

    Those BITE videos on youtube really do represent their true sound. Just incredible! I own a Rick 4003, a Stingray and a couple Fenders. My BITE outpunches them all.

    Bass Bite Guitars

    Jawbone JJ 34″, 1 inch forward neck pickup position

  41. Elio Fiorillo, Italy

    To me, the most important thing in an instrument is his playability and overall comfort, and this bass has plenty of it. Strings never feel stiff, the neck has the right space between the strings and the neck is easy to fret, while (or because) it has a thicker D shape. Personally I prefer that, because I never fret the notes with my thumb, and that’s almost the only reason to have a slimmer shape for me. The bass isn’t heavy, its weight is standard/light and the body is smaller than the norm. This, compared to bigger basses like my semihollow bass, give away some support for the right arm, tough is only a really minor incovenience and only when you finger right under the neck (wich is out of fashion but I like). But again, it is only matter of getting accustomated to and is a good trade off for less weight and price.

    The second most important thing is sound, and output levels: I prefer higher output basses because I always lean towards fingering stronger than I should and this bass has an impressive output, wich really helps me playing lighter. It also helps with effects, like envelope filters, overdrives and flangers. And the sound itself is really defined. I use the bass 99% of the time with the pickup wired in series and the result is dark, yet roaring and really powerful and punchy in the lower/groove register. The higher register really seems like it sings, it amazes me. I want to specify that notes sounded really “full bodied” also in the high register.

    Regarding durability, everything seems made to last. With appropriate care and handling, I foresee to keep and play this bass for at least the next twenty years without issues, and I really hope so.

    Regarding aestethics, it is a nice looking bass. I love the colors and the bitten head, woods looks very nice too. I’ve chosen to have my signature lasered on the body, and that for me it’s “that thing” that turns me on. Like it’s Elio’s bass, and that’s it. A signature look and sound.

    The price was good too. I can’t afford very much and this was the chance to have something designed my way (simple things that usually are never put togheter in the same basses) paying less than more famous options that , tough with similar quality, would have been a sort of compromise in terms of features.

    Would I buy another one? Hell yeah, but mostly a 5-er or a fretless, because this one is so versatile I can do whatever I want with it.

    My bass is a 4 string Punch model, with black locust fretboard, the wider neck choice with dots, an humbucker in bridge position and a 4 way switch between pickup in series / neck only / parallel / bridge only. The body is caramel and the pickguard is tortoise red, non matching head and the body has my signature lasered on it.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch PH 34″

  42. LocoMoto, USA

    I first noticed the BITE brand through a video. The more I delved into their site, the more fascinating I found their approach to the bass guitar. I built my bass online, a short time later they sent me a mail announcing dispatch, it came with stunning pictures of my bass, the bass arrived, I unbox it, tune it, plug it and find the sound hard to believe.

    I play it every day and have not found single flaw, this brand is waaay underrated, could charge 3 times their prices.

    BITE Bass

    Punch 34″, 1/2 inch forward pickup position

  43. The Max, Austria

    Smooth, powerful, punchy. Simply great!

    BITE Customer Bass

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  44. cay33, Canada

    Lead time was 3 weeks, I got my Jawbone 2 months ago. The bass arrived completely wrapped in thick foam inside a thick box with add-on pieces of cardboard protectors inside. The bass was flawless, not a single fingerprint on the hardware. I own an Ibanez, Sadowsky, Lakland, and Miller, sold my Fenders years ago. I haven’t seen anything liek the Bite level of accuracy and neatness before.

    I took off the scratchplate and did a continuity test , connected several shield spots and ground joints. The highest reading was 24 ohms, not kohms but ohms! Just what kind of shielding paint you guys apply is beyond me. No wonder there is not the faintest noise to be heard from this bass. The Bite tone itself beats everything that hangs on my wall or was hanging on my wall. This is the one bass that I will run back into the house to save come flood or wildfire. 

    BITE Guitars Bass

    Punch 34″

  45. Stan the man, Australia

    The bass guitar is exceptional, compared to others in our collection the build quality is first rate – as good as Carvin, better than ESP custom shop, leaves fender and gibson in the dust.
    Only 2 guitars I would recommend to a serious buyer – A second hand Carvin or Bite.
    We will be back for more.

    BITE Customer Review Bass

    Jawbone PJ 34″

  46. KOEPPE, Germany

    Fat and clear sound!
    Superb playability!
    Excellent craftsmanship and quality!
    Great service!

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

    Customer BITE Bass Review

  47. James C, USA

    Met my expectations for sure!!
    I love that bass. No issues whatsoever. Top notch craftsmanship and assembly. The setup was perfect even after shipping.
    I’d order another from Bite without reservation. I will definitely (and have already) recommend the Bite brand in the future.

    Solid product, love it!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Reverse Punch 34″

  48. JonRo, USA

    I just wanted to update you and say hello. After all these months of lockdown, I started playing with a local blues band. It’s mainly rehearsals for now, but playing music live with other musicians is the important thing. Anyway, I’ve been playing my Bite P-P exclusively for all the rehearsals and want to reiterate how much I enjoy it. I mostly use it on either the neck P pickup or in serial mode, which, as you know, ads some nice low-end thunder to the mix. Great sound and no batteries to change 🙂 I hope that all is well with you.

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Punch PP 34″, demo video

  49. J.C., USA

    I love that bass.  No issues whatsoever.  Top notch craftsmanship and assembly.  The setup was perfect even after shipping.   I’d order another from Bite without reservation.  I will definitely (and have already) recommend the Bite brand in the future.  Solid product, love it!

    BITE Customer Review

  50. Julien de Kermadec, Canada

    The bass is home and it is superb! From finish to sound, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The fretboard is fast and easy and the light body is very well balanced. My bandmates were really impressed by the bass too! Thank you for everything, it was a pleasure doing business with you and please give my warm regards to your whole team!

    BITE Customer Review

    BITE Customer Review
    Caption Julien 2: Punch 34″, Black Steampunk body art on Black Blast finish

  51. Jack, Armenia

    The band loves the bass, I love your pickups! 

    BITE Customer Review
    C: Special Jawbone PJJ Black Steampunk: 3 pickups, 6 controls, 11 onboard circuit options

  52. Laurie, USA

    I wanted for you to know how much I love my new Bite! Thank you all very much.

    BITE Customer Review
    Caption: Reverse Punch, US-eligible artwork

  53. Gerhard, Germany

    Stunningly beautiful, broad sound spectrum, cuts through the band mix, incredible output level, needs no booster, no compressor.

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Jawbone PJJ 34″ with Steampunk body art and 11 selectable sound configurations

  54. OJB, Germany

    Wonderful sounding bass. Very cool look and nice handling.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch 34″

  55. Simon, Austria

    Love my BITE PP, outstanding build quality, fast and friendly. thank you!

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Punch PP 34″, demo video

  56. Rikk, Japan

    Great sound, comfort neck , powerful pup. Thank you for the wonderful bass ! Tons of options, what else you want? Go order NOW!

    BITE Customer Review Bass

    Reverse Punch 34″

  57. Renaud Camiglieri, France

    I ordered a bass from Bite, they kept me informed of the whole process by email. A passionate team, they sent me a bass which became my main bass! Not a buzz, an extra tone, super efficient pickups, a great neck, in short a great job.
    Just a remark, why no hardcase? I would have agreed to pay him more!
    I hope you will have other models with 24 fret necks, active with the same bass generator system!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PJ 34″

    • BITE Guitars

      Thank you for raising this question. It is true that we do not actively offer a hardcase in our shop. Instead we offer a very solid and well-padded softcase which we found to be more protective even. However, we have also sent out a number of basses in hardcases to customers who asked for it. Upon request we are happy to offer a hardcase from our standard brand or source any case you prefer from Thomann or other supplier.

      Please be aware that a hardcase does not fit into our standard shipping box, so it will increase shipping costs outside the European Union, every inch counts. Generally speaking, we ship insured and carry the risk of damage or loss until delivery to your doorstep. Our standard packaging has proved to be very reliable, we have sent basses all around the world up to Australia and not had a single case of damage or loss to date. 

  58. Martin Kannekens, Netherlands

    It’s a super bass!
    Great sound and superb playability. I enjoy playing it every day. I hardly touch my other guitars anymore.

    BITE Customer Review Bass

    Punch 34″

  59. Jan, Switzerland

    I’m absolutely happy with my Bite Custom Bass. Not so heavy, not so big and awesome sound and feeling……

    Btw. my Bass has a wonderful printed pickguard……

    I would like to have a Bite 5-String too…..

    I even let Bite decide the color of my bass body, thanks for the decision 😉

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  60. Dec, UK

    Quality build with my chosen spec.
    Plays a dream

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch 34″

  61. Subham Bhattacharya, UK, India

    When I heard of Bite it was the middle of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. I have always been a fan of the Fender like bass design however I have never owned a Fender(not even a Squier) and I don’t think I will ever own one now. I was planning of getting one when I heard of Bite bass and they made my life easier. I can have PJ config on a J bass body how can you even beat that?

    The components are absolutely top notch. The pickups can easily hold their ground against my other bass with Barts. However the simplicity of this bass takes the cherry. Just plug and play…the pickups us almost noiseless (the P pickup is silent, J pickup has a very very faint noise which is absolutely acceptable).

    My only complaint is that they didn’t come up with a 5 string option at that time. Well I got my grail bass which I intend to pass to my grandson/granddaughter when the time comes.
    Bite bass# 101575.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  62. Adam, Canada

    I love my Bite bass. Having my bass built was an easy process. They helped me pick out a neck that best suited me. I play it all the time, and recommend it to any bass player looking for a bass that not only sounds great, but has great playability – Adam.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  63. Hannes, Austria

    – best powerful pickups on the market
    – outstanding tone
    – ergonomic (lightweight, no neck dive)
    – great value for money
    – sustainable product

    No regrets.
    Love my Bite Punch

    Customer BITE Bass Review

  64. Steve, USA

    Bite technical assistance during design and ordering of my bass was great. Quality and workmanship of bass was excellent. Great neck, thunderous output. Concerns – the pickup switch (i.e. knob) started making noise when switching. Cleaning it made no improvement. Tone pot hardly makes any change in tone, and seems to be getting worse (i.e turning the knob makes very little, if any change in tone. A different size capacitor might help. My plan is to change out all of the electronics.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch H 34″, US-eligible artwork

    • BITE Guitars

      Our basses are subject to full statutory warranty. Steve’s bass has a BITE humbucker in the neck position, this means 2x1000mV high-output single coils in humbucking series mode, in other words really hot. We were careful to keep the sound well-defined, maybe a bit too well for Steve’s taste and amp setup. We offered to send him custom-tailored replacement electronics free of charge.

  65. Leonardo, Switzerland

    I’m so happy I bought it!! Sound is terrific! and look is great. I’m seriously thinking to get a five strings for Xmas!
    Thanks guys you are doing a great job!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

  66. Florentin, Romania

    Amazing pickups and excellent customer service ! Thank you so much

    BITE 1000mV Single Coil Pickups

  67. David Bueso, Spain

    I am the proud owner of the Heartbeat Bite bass and I am delighted with the amazing quality of the instrument, both construction and sound wise. It plays wonderfully, it is light, it has an amazing tone that cuts perfectly through the mix and the looks are gorgeous.

    Regarding Bite as a company, same flavour: they offer a great support that makes deciding the build and the ordering process a really easy thing to do. They pay a great attention even to the smaller details to ensure that the bass they build is just the bass you are expecting, and it ends up being even better!

    Best custom bass you can get for the money, period!

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Punch H 34″

  68. Ricardo Mestre, Portugal

    You need to be an experienced bass player to appreciate all the details that make a Bite bass such a fantastic instrument.
    I’ve been a bass player since 1994 – before ordering my JJ Bite bass, I’ve played a Rickenbacker 4001 (since 1995) and an SX Jazz bass since 2010.
    My Jawbone (JJ) Bite bass is exactly what I thought I would get, but even better.

    Neck? Amazingly fast, comfortable, no sticky finish that would slow you down.

    Pickups? Please make yourself a favor and listen to a demo of the sounds of the J Bite pickup. It’s loud AND clear. Usually, when you increase the output of a pickup, the definition (clearness, focus, detail) goes out the window. Goodbye highs, hello low mids. If you try to add those lost highs through EQ, it doesn’t sound natural at all – it will sound harsh because you can’t put those back.

    Why do I need a higher output? – you may ask yourself. Because the louder the signal is, the less you need to add gain. When you add gain, the noise will be amplified too!
    A common ailment to such a problem is using active pickups. But when you use active pickup, the woodiness, the natural character of your bass is gone.
    With the Bite pickups, you have the clarity, definition, focus, the BITE (hence the name). Clear as bass, punchy, articulate.

    The body: Light! Surprisingly light, which is achieved by the use of cavities. That, together with a fantastic neck, make it one of my go to basses. And I have 8.

    Bottom line: If you care about your instrument being top notch, with no added frills for the sake of looking expensive, such as exotic wood tops, do yourself a favor and configure a BITE bass down to the tiny details. If you are set on buying a Wal or a Fodera for 9 times the price of a Bite bass, why are you reading this review? 🙂

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  69. F. van der Haar, Netherlands

    I love the way you can customize your own bass, the website works fantastic, contact with Bite was swift, accurate and friendly and above all: the Bite bass looks, plays and sounds fantastic. I am not a fulltime bassplayer, mostly I play the guitar. I took it to rehearsals with some bass players and they were amazed by the looks and the sound, playability, the way it cuts through the mix and overall the price-quality balans.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone JJ 34″

  70. Alex, USA

    I was lucky enough to win my Bite Custom Bass in an online giveaway. After spending some quality time with it, here are my impressions:

    I went a little over the top with my aesthetic options, but why not? That was part of the fun, and with a ton of customization options, I figure you might as well go for it. I’m really happy with the result. It’s really pretty and unique.

    I went with the J style neck and P “Punch” bass body. It’s a full scale 34” neck with a 1.5” nut. It has an oil, low-gloss finish and is honestly one of the best feeling necks I’ve ever played. I’ve got the action dialed in pretty low, where I like it (courtesy of the high-mass Gotoh brass bridge).

    It came set up well, but I didn’t love the La Bella flats that were on it. I switched to my usual Earnie Ball cobalt flats that are a slightly lighter gauge on the E and A, so gave it a quick adjustment, which was easy to do. The fretboard is black locust, which is a sustainable rosewood substitute, and the feel is basically identical to rosewood.

    The body is incredibly light and it’s scaled down slightly from a traditional P body, which I like a lot. It’s easy on my back and easy to play. The finish is good quality. It’s hard and doesn’t seem prone to scratching.

    The split coil P pickup is super high output (1000mv). Even though it’s passive, they recommend using active settings on an amp because of this. However, I find that sucks the oomph out. Maybe turn the gain down, but just a hair. I get a lot more volume out of it than my Fender P with normal, medium output pickups, but it’s not overly trebly or distorted due to the high output. I really like the tone. It’s definitely got a good growl, but also a very clean, even, and ballanced tone across frequencies. It definitely cuts through the mix and I think I like it better than the Steve Harris pickup I put in my other P.

    Bottom line, I am really falling in love with this bass. It has become my new #1. I still can’t believe I won it.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PJ 34″

  71. Matthieu, France

    The bass: great looking (blue Halstatt finish), light weight (bit of a neck dive when unstrapped on the lap), and an easy neck. The pickups are doing a good job, strong signal and nice sounding. When played unplugged, the sound is already present with a nice resonance.

    The customer service: fast, courteous and efficient.

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Punch PJ 34″

  72. Joerg, Austria

    Nice people, good quality build, great playability and killer sound. If I had enough space at home, I would for sure order another one. Thank you bite guitars!! A++

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch 34″

  73. Davide, Italy

    For years I thought I had a very good bass, but then my new BITE arrived, and blew me away: the quality and playability for a custom built instrument in this price range are simply astounding. My other bass rarely even comes out of its case these days. I have also received compliments from everyone who’s tried or even just seen it.
    Keep up the great work, and if possible keep on adding new configuration options!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone Reverse PJ 34″

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