Our CONFIGURATOR offers you 16 choices to make, we call them components, starting from the bass model at the top all the way down to the strings of your choice. Each component gives you between 2 and 26 options to choose from. And our CONFIGURATOR is quite complacent, too. You can breeze through the components neatly, one after another, or jump around at will.

Any component you skip will remain at the pre-set default option but here's another piece of good news for you: Regrets? Made bad choices? The BITE configurator does not tattoo nor marry you. You can always jump back in time by hitting any component to change your mind. Have fun, go bananas!

As you proceed and scroll down in desktop view, the image of your custom bass will miniaturize to clear space on the screen but you can always jump back up to enjoy the full size view by hitting the VIEW XXL BASS tab or scrolling up manually.

At the bottom of the CONFIGURATOR you'll find several choices:


RESET: sets the bass back to default configuration, same as hitting your browser's refresh button

ASK US A QUESTION: sends your current configuration to us and gives you a text box to ask a specific question about it

DOWNLOAD PDF: allows you to store your configuration locally or print it

SEND PDF: e-mail your configuration

SHARE: share your configuration on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest



Our SHOP carries nearly all the components and options available in the CONFIGURATOR, including body art, custom printed pickguards and custom engraved neck plates.

In short, here you can hand-pick everything for modifying, pimping or repairing your BITE Custom Bass.

Note that our bodies, necks and pickguards have proprietary dimensions and are not compatible with instruments of other manufacturers.



Add your custom bass (CONFIGURATOR) or shop item (SHOP) to your cart and go to the cart to review your purchase. Here you can also check your shipping costs in advance.

From the cart you proceed to checkout. Here you will be required to insert your name, delivery and shipping address (billing details), select your payment method and accept our General Terms & ConditionsCancellation Right and Data Protection & Privacy Policy. Please note that the consumer has no EU-cancellation right in cases of goods made or modified according to customer specifications, i.e. the EU-cancellation right does not apply to our custom bass guitars. However, in cases of defects, the rules of statutory warranty do of course apply.

By hitting the BUY NOW button, you make a legally binding purchase request.



We offer the following payment methods:

PREPAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER: We will send you an order confirmation including our bank details by e-mail. Please transfer the invoice amount to our bank account stating the order number as payment reference. Kindly pay as soon as possible, your order will be reserved for 7 days only. As soon as we have received your payment, your order will be processed, your custom configuration will enter production stage. Note: Paying via prepayment usually takes more time than other methods of payment, typically around 7 days.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: We accept Visa and Euro/Mastercard.

SOFORT/KLARNA: You will be directed automatically to your online banking account and can complete payment with your familiar online banking credentials. Your credentials will not be disclosed to us.

PAYPAL:  PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to pay at online stores safely, easily, quickly and for free. Safe: Your bank or credit card details are stored only on PayPal. Therefore, they are re-sent over the internet during an online shopping transaction. Simple: Pay in two clicks. Because you rely on your deposit or credit card data stored with PayPal, credit card information is never shared during any subsequent purchase. Fast: PayPal payments are quick. Sign up for a PayPal account at www.paypal.com, link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account, and you can pay with PayPal.

MORE OPTIONS payment options comprise bank transfer, VISA, Master and Sofort/Klarna. For bank transfer payments from outside the Euro Area, we recommend Transferwise (pay to hello@bite.guitars). They grant the most favorable exchange rate and fees are next to nothing. 

Alternatively, you can also carry out the entire purchase via e-mail instead of our online tools. Send us a list of your required SHOP items or your custom configuration by using the ASK US A QUESTION button at the bottom of the CONFIGURATOR, we'll send you an invoice, and as soon as we have received your payment, your order will be processed, your custom configuration will enter production stage.

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