We love what we make: electric bass guitars!

You play bass or guitar yourself or you have work experience in guitar building, musical instrument trading or repairing. For working in our production, a formal education in guitar building or another wood processing profession is a big plus, but not necessarily a must.

We are a service company.

Strictly speaking, this ain't true, we are in fact a manufacturing company. But we think and act like a service company: we give each customer and his instrument our full and sincere attention. This attitude is a must.

You are fluent in German and English.

Any additional language is a plus.

You are computer literate.

Both our production and marketing are extensively digitalized.

Here comes the flexible part!

You are interested in working full or part time or just want to earn a bit extra as a student.

You take an interest in production or the administrative/business area, for instance after having completed commercial high school.

Or you have an education, experience or advanced interest in technical drawing and graphic arts, i.e. vector, 3D and image editing programs, or experience in online CMS systems/webshop backend.

Those are just ideal prerequisites. We will be happy anyway if you just drop us a line to hello@bite.guitars

Help us staying in touch!

Due to European Data Protection Regulation, we need your approval for storing your application data for a longer than the immediate period of time. We therefore ask you to include your approval in your application, for example by writing, "I approve the storage of my application data until otherwise communicated in writing." You can withdraw your approval anytime in writing. Thank you!

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