BITE Philosophy

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort and skilful execution.

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Our Mission

We produce quality custom basses for professional and amateur musicians.

Our instruments feature a strong and clear output signal, unique customization options and easy technical modifiability.

We are a DTC brand (direct-to-consumer). DTC marks a profound shift in consumer marketing. Taking extensive advantage of digital means of production and marketing, we do not need to resort to traditional distribution channels of wholesale and retail. This yields us considerable economies which we are happy to pass on to our customers.

We are mindful of our responsibility towards man and environment. We consciously do not use wood from tropical rainforests, nor do we make unverifiable marketing statements about the tonal properties of wood in musical instruments with electric sound generation.

Guitar Building 4.0

The concept of manufacturing 4.0 is aimed at speedy and affordable customization. This is exactly what we do for the bass guitar.

Those are the cornerstones of our production:

Digital Production
Computer-controlled manufacturing is not only time and cost efficient, but above all it makes each production step exactly repeatable. The result is an unrivalled advantage in quality.

Luthier's Workshop
Artisanal skills, the keen eye and the expert movement of the hand remain indispensable in premium guitar manufacturing despite all digital CNC and laser technology.

Division of Labour
Anyone who in medieval times commissioned a plucked instrument knew that the lute maker did it all by himself. He cut the tree, stirred the finish and twisted the gut strings.

Today, even the highest-priced custom segment is based on division of labor. Pickups, electronics, metal and plastic components, strings, PU lacquer, everything is supplied by specialized subcontractors and the wood is mostly sourced overseas.

The specialized supplier knows his product best. He has the technology, very often exclusive patents, and a specialized workforce. As a result, he can produce faster and more cost-efficiently and he can guarantee a higher quality. We too have specialized partners who manufacture individual components according to our technical specifications and quality requirements.

Made in Austria

We are an Austrian family business. Guitar building is a regulated profession in Austria, that means you can only exercise it with an adequate education and qualification.

Our instruments are Made in Austria. We pay attention to the local content, this means the lion's share of the value added is generated by ourselves and our Austrian suppliers.

Climate Protection & Social Responsibility

This is about giving back. We manufacture without the use of tropical wood and we care about carbon neutrality. Your BITE bass and its materials travel quite a distance until they reach you. An adequate CO2 compensation through trustworthy offset projects would cost on average 0,10 € per bass.

This is not enough for us. We pay 2 € for each bass to our partners at They finance admirable projects not only in Austria but increasingly also in developing countries in order to not only offset CO2 emissions but also create social and economic benefits for the local population.

Our Partners

  • D'Addario® - USA
  • GOTOH® - Japan
  • Graph Tech Guitar Labs® - Canada
  • LaBella® - USA
  • Schaller Electronic® - Germany
  • WAGO® - Germany

They all share that persistent drive for precision, quality and sophisticated solutions which makes them global market leaders in their respective product fields and thus ideal partners for BITE® Guitars.

For their contribution to our product development, we owe special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

  • Julia Hofer, professional bass player, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Doz. Dr. habil. Gerald Koch, Johann Heinrich von Thünen Federal Research Institute, Institute of Wood Research, Hamburg, Germany
  • Willi Langer, Head of Bass Section, Department of Popular Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Helmuth Lemme, physicist, developer of pickups and pickup measuring devices, author of the international reference work on guitar electronics "Electric Guitar: Sound Secrets and Technology", Munich, Germany
  • Erhard Mayerhanser, bass player, Munich, Germany
  • Eric Meier, The Wood Database, USA
  • Johannes Neunteufel, professional bass player, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Gregor Nowak, Master Luthier, Deputy Guild Master of the Vienna Guild of Artisan Crafts and Musical Instrument Making of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Austria
  • Daniel Riegler, Industrial Designer, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Gina Schwarz, University Lecturer, Bass Section, Department of Popular Music, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Austria
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Zollner, Professor em. of electroacoustics at the Technical University Regensburg, author of the 1.300 page scientific reference work on the physics of the electric guitar, President of the GITEC Forum for Electric Guitar Technology
  • Dr.-Ing. Tilmann Zwicker, Board Member of the GITEC Forum for Electric Guitar Technology

Who Is BITE Guitars?

Wolfgang used to run the foreign office of an investment bank. The doctors didn't think this was a good idea, they advised him to radically change his course. Bass guitar seemed just the right thing to him, looking sufficiently radical. So he quit his job, bought a red Precision and set up a band.

However, rather than working hard on his bass playing skills, like any respectable bassist would do, Wolfgang preferred to occupy himself with entirely different stuff. How can it be that you can buy a brandnew bass guitar for 200 euros that just blows you away, while others for 2.000 just sound like kids' toys? It didn't make any sense.

The banker in him began researching markets and business models, whereas the craftman's descendant in him brought his grandpa's old carpentry back to life. That abundance of tools and wood processing machinery came in handy now.

Initial tinkering soon evolved into serious product development efforts and a good amount of time and training courses later he was granted the luthier's license by Austrian trade authorities.

Wolfgang was soon joined by fellow luthier Sebastian who incidentally also had grown up in the scent of wood of his grandpa's carpentry, somewhere between bandsaw and planing machine.

Sebastian's passion for wood has always been on par with his passion for music. No wonder he graduated with honours in bowed and stringed instrument making at the Federal Technical School in Hallstatt (HTBLA), Austria. There, he had also been part of the research team which, in 2015, managed to decipher the centuries-old construction secret of Stradivarius violins. In addition, Sebastian is also a trained jazz guitarist and guitar teacher.

Thomas Milacher is our in-house bass professional. He graduated in electric and upright bass from the concert class of the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna (MUK) and he holds the bass teaching degree of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MdW).

Thomas was involved in the development of our BITE 1000mV pickups from early on. His weekends as a gigging artist are generally booked out for months, whereas during the week he keeps working with us in production, social media management and rigorous testing to ensure our basses are up to professional expectations.

A small but efficient team in production and office completes the crew

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