Our SHOP features a number of preconfigured bass models divided in three subcategories:

  1. Rebuild Proposals: This is a small selection of basses we have sold, just to give you some configuration ideas. We can rebuild them to order. Feel free to ask for individual modifications.
  2. Ready-Made Basses: These basses are available on stock. Give us a few days to review the setup and thoroughly clean them before dispatching them. Feel free to ask for individual modifications.
  3. Discounted Basses: These basses were mostly built for development, testing or exhibition purposes. They may have minor superficial flaws but still have first-grade sound components and will be dispatched squeaky clean. Feel free to ask for individual modifications.

Models with digital body art are not sold in the USA due to patent restrictions. All other body art techniques are available, so in most cases we will be able to reproduce digital body art by different means. 

Our SHOP also carries nearly all the components and options available in the CONFIGURATOR, including body art, custom printed pickguards and custom engraved neck plates.

In short, here you can hand-pick everything for modifying, pimping or repairing your BITE Custom Bass.

Note that BITE pickups require BITE wiring for proper sound. Therefore we sell pickups only in conjunction with harnesses, except where a BITE pickup is used for replacing another BITE pickup, e.g. if a customer wants to modify his Jawbone JJ into a Jawbone PJ.

Note that our bodies, necks and pickguards have proprietary dimensions and are not necessarily compatible with instruments of other manufacturers, you better check with us beforehand.

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