Our SHOP has several purposes and corresponding categories:

  • More Configurator Options: An online CONFIGURATOR can never handle all possible customer ideas. That's why we serve a lot of additions in MORE OPTIONS and you'll find most of them in here. It's all simple: build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart, click on your preferred addition in here and also add to cart, check out and sit back. 
  • Rent a Test Bass in Europe: You're not sure what to expect from a BITE custom bass? The build quality? The passive 1000 millivolt sound? Test a BITE bass at home, keep it for up to one week, pay only one-way shipping.
  • Preconfigured Basses: We have a number of rebuild proposals on offer to give you build ideas, on occasion we even put discounted ready-made basses up for sale. 
  • Parts Shop: Here you can hand-pick all our original parts for modifying, pimping or repairing your BITE bass. BITE is a relatively new bass brand, our parts shop gives you the security that you can buy replacement parts if needed. We often get purchase requests for pickups or necks but we regret that SHOP items are reserved for our bass customers only. Digital body art sold to the USA is produced by fully US-eligible technical means. 
  • Bags & Cases: Add a bag or case to your order. Note that any bag or case larger than our 15mm padded bag will require a larger shipping box and therefore increase shipping costs.
  • Amps: Add a Markbass Amp to your order.
  • Shipping & Info Options include Greenlighting (your OK for dispatch), Hold For Pickup at a parcel shop near you and Send Me Making-Of Pics (we keep you informed during the build via WhatsApp).
  • Not For You: Just don't. 


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