5-String Addition


From the production point, 5-string means that necks, bodies, pickups, bridges and pickguards differ from our 4-string standard. We cannot apply our regular modular production process to 5-string basses but need to build them individually and regret that we have to add an upcharge. 
Bottom line: More work for us, therefore a higher price and longer wait for you, but same build quality and, oh boy, same 1000 millivolt sound!
Headstock layout: By default, our 5ers come with 4+1 headstock layout. If it needs to be 2+3 for you, drop us a line. 
Bridge: GOTOH 205B-5 with brass saddles, 18 mm string spacing, and mounting holes on all corners of the base plate plus gideways for stabilizing the saddles sideways. Read here why we consider these features important. Many other bridges are available on request.

33″ is the shortest 5-string we offer, the low B is playabale with good tension and well-defined pitch. We install the GOTOH 404BO-5 bridge (also brass saddles, 18 mm string spacing and mounting holes on all corners of the base plate plus gideways) with 34″ scale strings mounted string-through, so you don’t need to look for scarce medium scale replacement strings.

Nut: 45,72 mm (1.8″) Graph Tech, available in off-white or black. 

Truss rod: Adjustment nut on the body side where the A-string can be easily bent out of the way for truss rod tweaking. Try to move the A on the headstock side and tell us how it went 🙂

Frets: Our 5ers come with a little fretboard overhang towards the body which makes for 21 frets on all available scale lengths (34″, 35″, 33″).

Pickguard: Not all 4-string colors may be available on 5-string basses. We’ll let you know and propose alternatives. 

Strings: D’Addario EXL nickel roundwounds of 45-65-80-100-135 gauge. Many other strings are available against upcharge, choose them from the world’s largest string assortment at Thomann and e-mail us.

Ordering your 5-string bass
Build a 4-string bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Return to this page to select your scale length and pickup color. Then add 5-String Addition to your cart, check out and sit back, we’ll take care of everything else.

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    Branded white is not avaibale for 5-string pickups.
    Your selection in here supercedes the one you made in the configurator.

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Delivery time: adds 1 to 4 weeks to configurator delivery period

5-String Upcharge

5-String Upcharge 1

5-String Upcharge 2

5-String Upcharge 3
2+3 Headstock

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5-String Addition
4+1 Headstock
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