Matched Headstock Addition


Please note that for the time being, we offer headstock matching only for plain unicolor finishes, not for metallic or burst finishes. 

Matched headstock is available on all our headstock layouts, 2+2, 4-in-line, 2+3 and 4+1. Normally, we match only the upper surface of the headstock to the body color.

However, quite a few keep asking about a headstock matched as seen in the Funky Booster Bass review by Bass Player Magazine. Well, about that bass … That’s what you get when you let our chief luthier horse around, looking to build something special. He painted the neck all around black and had a bit of fun with the bite. This is really time-consuming fun, we never intended to include it in our offering, but who are we to deny it to you. You can select it under the name of “All Around, Bite Spared”. 

Speaking of the Funky Booster Bass, it will not have escaped your attention that strictly speaking there is no matching to be seen at all, the body being silver, the neck black. So yes, you can have the neck also in a contrasting color to the body. Drop us a line. 

Ordering your bass with matched headstock
Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Select your matching type below and also add Matched Headstock Addition to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you prefer more than one neck variation from our configurator standard, e-mail us for an individual package price. 


Delivery time: adds 1 to 4 weeks to configurator delivery period

neck options 3

neck options 5

Matched Headstock

Matched Headstock Addition 1
All around, bite spared
Matched Headstock Addition 2
All around, bite spared
Matched Headstock Addition
All around, bite spared
Matched Headstock Addition 3
All around, bite spared, body and neck have contrasting colors

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