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  1. Aaron, USA

    I loved the bass from the first note and I keep getting compliments on both sound and look. Playability is great, I took it on a gig first week and was surprised how fast I took to it, considering my other bass is far different (Lakland skyline 5502). While there are things that I would like to add such as string through and active pickups, overall I am very happy with my new working bass. Thanks for your hard work and care in creating it for me!

    BITE Customer Review
    Punch Reverse PJ 34″, 5-string with 4+1 headstock

    • BITE Guitars

      Thank you for your kind words! We do in fact offer string-through, have already installed it in a number of basses, but we regret we do not offer active pickups. Our own 1000 millivolt pickups exceed most customary active pickups in terms of output while maintaining an undoctored genuine bass sound. For whoever has not seen it yet, here’s our video explaining BITE 1000mV pickups:

  2. M.C., USA

    The bass is wonderful, looks beautiful and plays great! I especially like the fretboard binding, everything is tight and fits together well. It is a bit heavier than I am used to but the other bases l play often are chambered. The bass sounds great even when not plugged in, even better when plugged in of course. I would recommend this bass to anyone interested.

    BITE Customer Review
    Jawbone PJ 5-string, 33″ medium scale, string-through

    • BITE Guitars

      BITE bodies are downsized as compared to regular traditional body shapes. The BITE contour is smaller all around to render our basses light and handy. Admittedly, 5-string solidbody alder is still no explicit lightweight. Here’s the good news: we do offer lightweight builds from basswood and paulownia as clickable additions, basswood being noticeably lighter than alder, paulownia being the lightest of all customary solidbody woods.

  3. JS, USA

    I received it on Friday and I love it. Great bass!

    Reverse Punch 34″, pickup position full inch forward

  4. Matthieu, France

    The bass: great looking (blue Halstatt finish), light weight (bit of a neck dive when unstrapped on the lap), and an easy neck. The pickups are doing a good job, strong signal and nice sounding. When played unplugged, the sound is already present with a nice resonance.

    The customer service: fast, courteous and efficient.

    Customer BITE Bass Review
    Punch PJ 34″

  5. Steve, USA

    Bite technical assistance during design and ordering of my bass was great. Quality and workmanship of bass was excellent. Great neck, thunderous output. Concerns – the pickup switch (i.e. knob) started making noise when switching. Cleaning it made no improvement. Tone pot hardly makes any change in tone, and seems to be getting worse (i.e turning the knob makes very little, if any change in tone. A different size capacitor might help. My plan is to change out all of the electronics.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch H 34″, US-eligible artwork

    • BITE Guitars

      Our basses are subject to full statutory warranty. Steve’s bass has a BITE humbucker in the neck position, this means 2x1000mV high-output single coils in humbucking series mode, in other words really hot. We were careful to keep the sound well-defined, maybe a bit too well for Steve’s taste and amp setup. We offered to send him custom-tailored replacement electronics free of charge.

  6. Renaud Camiglieri, France

    I ordered a bass from Bite, they kept me informed of the whole process by email. A passionate team, they sent me a bass which became my main bass! Not a buzz, an extra tone, super efficient pickups, a great neck, in short a great job.
    Just a remark, why no hardcase? I would have agreed to pay him more!
    I hope you will have other models with 24 fret necks, active with the same bass generator system!

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Jawbone PJ 34″

    • BITE Guitars

      Thank you for raising this question. It is true that we do not actively offer a hardcase in our shop. Instead we offer a very solid and well-padded softcase which we found to be more protective even. However, we have also sent out a number of basses in hardcases to customers who asked for it. Upon request we are happy to offer a hardcase from our standard brand or source any case you prefer from Thomann or other supplier.

      Please be aware that a hardcase does not fit into our standard shipping box, so it will increase shipping costs outside the European Union, every inch counts. Generally speaking, we ship insured and carry the risk of damage or loss until delivery to your doorstep. Our standard packaging has proved to be very reliable, we have sent basses all around the world up to Australia and not had a single case of damage or loss to date. 

  7. OJB, Germany

    Wonderful sounding bass. Very cool look and nice handling.

    Customer BITE Bass Review

    Punch 34″

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