Lightweight Body


By default, all our bodies are made from alder (alnus), the undisputed #1 in bass solidbodies. Read here why we use alder. Our basses weigh a moderate 3,9 kg on average. However, if weight is an issue for you, we’re happy to go lower. A basswood (tilia) body will reduce the weight by 500 grams on average, a composite body from paulownia (paulownia) and alder by 700 grams and a paulownia body by 900 grams. Note that wood weights can never be specified exactly, as two bodies of identical shapes will always have indivdidual grain structures and weights. 
Ordering your lightweight bass
Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart, select your preferred body wood below and also add Lightweight Body to your cart, check out and sit back, we’ll take care of everything else.
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