Hipshot D-Tuner


The Hipshot D-Tuner H20600, also called drop D-tuner or bass extender, is our most requested hardware addition. By flipping the lever at the backside of your headstock, your E-string becomes a D-string, this means you can simply extend your bass range down by a whole note. 
Ordering your bass with a Hipshot D-Tuner
Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Select the color of your Hipshot D-Tuner below and also add to cart. Prices also include installation and setup, note that correctly setting up a D-tuner takes quite some extra time. We will match your tuner button to the tuning machines you chose in step 11 of our CONFIGURATOR, Y or cloverleaf shaped.
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Delivery time: 1-4 weeks

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