No-Pickguard Body


Why would you want a body without a pickguard? Sometimes a customer’s pickup positioning preferences are not compatible with pickguard shapes, sometimes a customer just prefers the look of a naked bass without any pickguard. The control cavity of a no-pickguard body can either be accessed from the backside or still from the front through a control plate in JB (for Jawbones) or MM (for Punches) shape.
Ordering your no-pickguard body
Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart, also select your preferred access below and add No-Pickguard Body to cart. Check out and sit back, we’ll take care of everything else.
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Delivery time: adds 1 to 4 weeks to configurator delivery period

No-Pickguard Body 5
No pickguard (30″ shorty pictured)
No-Pickguard Body 2
No control plate (30″ shorty pictured)
No-Pickguard Body 3
Control cavity rear access (30″ shorty pictured)
MM control plate

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