Roasted Maple Fretboards & Necks


What is roasted maple?
Our hard maple is thermally treated in a vacuum kiln, this process is called torrefaction. The resulting wood is stabilized, lightweight, highly resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, and it excels in beautiful shades of chocolate colors.

Ordering your bass with a roasted maple addition
Roasted maple fretboard & neck are additions to a bass, they cannot be ordered on their own. Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Choose your roasted maple fretboard or neck or both on this page, also add to cart and proceed to checkout. The shape of your headstock is not affected by this addition, 2+2 remains 2+2, 4+0 remains 4+0, etc. If you prefer more than one neck variation from our configurator standard, e-mail us for an individual package price. 

  • Roasted maple fretboards are sealed under clearcoat, unlike black locust which remains unsealed.
    This roasted maple addition replaces the fretboard wood you selected in the configurator.
    Select your inlay variation. 

    • +
    • + 79 €
    • +
    • + 79 €

    Roasted maple necks are sealed under clearcoat, satinized at the back,
    just like our regular natural or vintage tinted maple necks. 

    • + 240 €

Delivery time: adds 1 to 4 weeks to configurator delivery period

Roasted maple fretboard. Flamed grain texture and binding as pictured available against upcharge.
Roasted maple fretboard and neck. (Medium scale bass pictured.)
Roasted Maple Neck


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