Short & XL Scale Addition


Our special scale lengths are 30″ short scale, 32.5″ medium scale, and 35″ XL scale.
Looking for 27″? Look no further: 27″ Evening Starlet
Individual scale lengths other than the ones offered in here may be available upon request, but they are time consuming and much will depend on our capacities. Drop us a line anyway.
We regret that 30″ amd 32.5″ are not available in Candy Apple Red and Lake Hallstatt. 
  • Build a 34" bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart, also select your preferred scale
    length here and add to cart. The number of frets, nut widths and headstock shapes in here
    supercede the selections you made in the configurator.

    • +

Delivery time: adds 1 to 4 weeks to configurator delivery period

Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 1
30″ short scale
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 2
30″ short scale, no pickguard, no control plate (control cavity has rear access)
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 5
30″ Punch dimensions
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 6
30″ Jawbone dimensions

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