Short & XL Scale Addition


Our standard short scales range from 28″ to 33″,  XL scale is 35″. 
If you’re looking for an individual scale length or multi-scale layout, they are available between 28″ and 35″.
What is a multi-scale layout, you ask? Each string has a different scale length, the low end longer, the high end shorter, same as on a piano soundboard. As a result, frets are not parallel but each fret has a different angle. 
But wait, there’s more! We can further reduce your scale length down to 26″, still with EADG tuning, this will be a model without pickguard, it has 24 frets in the 34″ version, the price is higher than that of a Punch or Jawbone model. If of interest, get in touch with us.
  • Build a 34" bass in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart, also select your preferred scale length here
    and add to cart. Check out and sit back, we’ll take care of everything else.

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Delivery time: 1-4 weeks

Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 1
30″ short scale
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 2
30″ short scale, no pickguard, no control plate (control cavity has rear access)
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 5
30″ Punch dimensions
Short & XL & Multi-Scale Addition 6
30″ Jawbone dimensions

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