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Our CONFIGURATOR serves you the world's most popular bass choices as conveniently as possible. You enjoy immediate ordering. Build your bass online, add it to the cart and proceed through checkout. Over a billion different basses, in and out in 3 minutes. You also enjoy affordable prices below market standards, worldwide delivery as well as short delivery times. Your custom bass will generally arrive at your doorstep within a few weeks. We have developed a special production process which can make all of this happen. 
Bells & Whistles
Our digital and modular production process has its limitations. An online configurator can never handle all possible bells & whistles. They need a bit of interaction for precise specification. That's why we serve them here in, well, BELLS & WHISTLES. As your premium wishes generally will require extra work from us, you'll find non-exhaustive lists of upcharges in here. Stated prices are indicative and can vary depending on the amount of work required. We always try to give you the best pricing packages.  
Finally, our SHOP has a number of preconfigured basses on offer: rebuild proposals, ready-made and discounted models.


  1. Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR as far as available options allow, then hit the blue ASK US A QUESTION button.
  2. Tell us your premium ideas either in the ASK US A QUESTION form or send us a mail to hello@bite.guitars. We'll get back to you to make sure we have a clear understanding of your build ideas.
  3. We will send you a non-binding proforma invoice listing all specifications and shipping details for your consideration without any commitment. If you approve, we expect your kind payment, preferably via bank transfer. For payments from outside the Euro Payments Area, we recommend wise.com (pay to hello@bite.guitars), they grant the most favorable exchange rate and fees are next to nothing.
    Alternatively, we can also send you a payment link for secure online payment via credit/debit card, Paypal or SOFORT, but regret that we need to add a 4% payment fee to the invoice amount to cover external payment charges.
  4. As soon as we receive your payment, we will confirm your order and set to work. 
If you are located in the EU, you will see our prices including 20% Austrian VAT. 

If you are located in the USA or other country outside the EU, export prices without VAT apply and will be shown to you accordingly. 

In some cases the geo-functionality that shows you your applicable price does not work due to cache or browser settings. However, as soon as you enter your full delivery address in the checkout, your price will be adjusted for VAT (including EU-OSS VAT rules).

Bells & Whistles
Minimum Upcharges

EU Price
incl. 20% VAT

Export Price
(no VAT)
Export Price (no VAT, apprx.)
EUR/USD     1,18
Body Options      
Individual Body Color: Unicolor
finish high-gloss or matt
€ 240,00 € 200,00 $ 236.67
Individual Body Color: Metallic/Burst
finish high-gloss or matt
€ 300,00 € 250,00 $ 295.00
Matt Finish
of configurator colors
€ 120,00 € 100,00 $ 118.00
Individual Bodies
lightweight, no pickguard
€ 360,00 € 300,00 $ 354.00
Neck Options      
Matched Headstock Unicolor € 180,00 € 150,00 $ 177.00
Matched Headstock Metallic/Burst € 240,00 € 200,00 $ 236.00
Individual Neck Builds
4-in-line headstock, 21 frets, D-profile, individual fretboard (inlay/binding choice),
individual scale length, individual fretwire
€ 360,00 € 300,00 $ 354.00
Fretless Neck
with Euphoria faux ebony fretboard
€ 360,00 € 300,00 $ 354.00
Complete Bass Options      
incl. any pickguard choice, excl. bridge
€ 720,00 € 600,00 $ 708.00
inlc. any pickguard choice
€ 600,00 € 500,00 $ 590.00

Standard 30" Short Scale Bass
with black locust & dots fretboard

€ 0,00 € 0,00 $ 0.00
Individual Short Scale Bass
indiv. scale length or
indiv. fretboard (inlay/binding choice)
€ 360,00 € 300,00 $ 354.00



Define your individual poly finish with this online color picker tool and send us your color code. Unicolor upcharge +240€ (+200€ net of VAT), burst and metallic upcharge +300€ (+250€ net of VAT). Be reminded that screen colors always differ from screen to screen, let alone from the physical thing. If you need your bass matched to your 1987 Volvo or any such idea, talk to us, send us pics, we'll do our best. 


From the production point, lefthand means that necks, bodies and pickguards differ from our 4-string righthand standard. This means we cannot apply our regular modular production process to lefthand basses. Instead, we build them individually and awfully regret that we have to price them accordingly. 


Build a righthand bass in the configurator, then hit ASK US A QUESTION and write "lefty" in the comment area or just write us a mail altogether.

+ 600€ (+500€ net of VAT) flat lefthand upcharge including pickguard of your choice.

+ 0€ Pickguard. The choice of pickguard colors for lefthand basses differs from our 4-string righthand standard colors. Select your color in our shop for Punch or Jawbone and deduct any selected righthand configurator pickguard price. 


From the production point, 5-string means that necks, bodies, pickups, bridges and pickguards differ from our 4-string standard. We cannot apply our regular modular production process to 5-string basses. Instead, we build them individually and awfully regret that we have to price them accordingly. 
Build a 4-string bass in the configurator, then hit ASK US A QUESTION and write "5-string" in the comment area or just write us a mail altogether.
+ 720€ (+600€ net of VAT) flat 5-string upcharge including pickguard of your choice.
+ Bridge price (indicated for chrome/black/gold). By default we recommend the following models:
GOTOH 404SJ-5 at +84/90/96€ (+70/75/80€ net of VAT)
GOTOH 404BO-5 at +108/108/114€ (+90/90/95€ net of VAT)
Both GOTOH models have mounting holes on both ends of the base plate plus gideways for stabilizing the saddles sideways. Read here why we consider these features important. String spacing on both models is 18mm, ample enough if you're a slapper. 
A 17mm alternative would be the GÖLDO Deluxe 3D at +36/42/48€ (+30/35/40€ net of VAT).
You're welcome to propose any other 5-string bridge of your choice. 
+ 0€ Pickguard. The choice of pickguard colors for 5-string basses differs from our 4-string standard colors. Select your color in our shop for Punch or Jawbone and deduct any selected 4-string configurator pickguard price. 
+ String price: By default and at no extra cost we install D'Addario EXL nickel roundwounds of 45-65-80-100-135 gauge. You are welcome to pick other strings, for example you'll find a wide choice of strings at Thomann.


Our fretless neck is made from amber-vintage tinted hard maple and has a black locust fretboard. Available variants: neck profile C or D, nut width 38,1 or 41,9 mm, lined or unlined. Standard fretless options:

A) Unlined: Black locust, no fret lines, no fretboard markers, side dots on the fret positions #3-5-7-9-12-15-17-19: + 300€ (+250€ net of VAT).

B) Lined: Black locust, fret lines colored light or black, no fretboard markers, side dots in standard positions (centered between the frets #3-5-7-9-12-15-17-19): +360€ (+300€ net of VAT).

C) Lookalike fretted: Black locust, fret lines colored light or black, fretboard markers white dots in standard positions (centered between the frets #3-5-7-9-12-15-17-19), side dots in standard positions (centered between the frets #3-5-7-9-12-15-17-19): + 120€ (+100€ net of VAT).

Other options available on request. 


Our 30" shorty comes at no extra cost. Its neck is made from amber-vintage tinted hard maple, it sports a black locust & pearl dots fretboard, 38,1 mm nut width and C neck profile. Build a long scale bass in the configurator, hit ASK US A QUESTION and write "short scale" in the comment area or just write us a mail altogether. 

Other fretboards and other scale lengths are generally available as individual builds at an upcharge of +360€ (+300€ net of VAT), but need to be individually requested and confirmed. 


Sometimes we receive pretty crazy build requests that make us go, 'hmmm'. We are always eager to try out new ideas and in most cases we also have the digital and artisanal means to turn them reality. However, such exceptional builds take up disproportional amounts of time and resources that we, alas, need to be compensated for. When times are especially crammed, we are happy to refer you to other builders. You're welcome to mail us your build ideas, the more concrete, the better. Send us pics, drawings, spec sheets, whatever, and we'll get back to you with a cost estimate. 


Our standard neck has a C profile, short headstock and black-rimmed silver logo. Matching the headstock top to your body color comes at an upcharge of +180€ (150€ net of VAT). 

We also offer D profile necks with a variety of options: standard short or long headstock, standard silver or orange logo, matching color. Upcharges depend on your individual combination of choices. 

Who counts the possible combinations of pickups and circuits, knows their names?
We can pack your BITE bass with up to 3 pickups and wire them with every passive circuit under the sun, but for the sake of simplicity we have to draw the line somewhere.
Click below to explore details and upcharges for the 348 most popular pickup-circuit combinations. 
Click below to explore the limitless possibilities of our digital artwork. 


We can engrave subjects like your scanned signature or pretty much any other design. Just ask us, we are happy to give you instructions.

Neck Plate Engraving

Description EU price (incl. VAT) Export price (excl. VAT)
Custom neck plate € 38,00 € 31,67



*) Well, obviously there has to be some small print to this promise and here it is, not even that small but rather in standard font size. We have only our standard parts on stock, admittedly a limited choice. What if a bass is not a bass for you unless it has a high-mass bridge, Schaller tuners, a brass nut or glowing neon strings? We are happy to equip your BITE custom bass with individual hardware of your choice as long as their quality and technical parameters fit. We can also ship your bass in a gigbag or case of your choice.
Here's how it works: send us a link to the part of your choice and we'll have a look at the part and the source. If we have experience with that part and it is from a manufacturer or dealer where we have purchase experience, such as Schaller or Thomann, we will be happy to buy the part directly for you. In all other cases, we will ask you to buy. You may want to have your purchase shipped directly to us for your convenience. 
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