Discount Slider 2024


1. MODIFICATION: Sometimes a small change in your configuration means a big ease for our manufacturing. Some parts we have on stock, others we don’t. Some CNC drawings are ready, others are not. Let us propose a modification. Less work for us means a better price and a faster build time for you.

2. PRICE-VALUE COMPARISON: If you're between different bass models, send us the link of the other bass you're looking at, we'll give you a fact-based comparison. 

3. ENDORSEMENT: Are you a performing bassist? Write us in the checkout what you could do for us on or offline, include your socials, tour dates or media coverage. We appreciate your interest but don't expect a bass for free, see it from our perspective: we're a small boutique working hard to manufacture top quality with high European labor costs at acceptable prices. For a benchmark, have a look at our artists and ask yourself if your track record or social reach would fit in.

In any case, build your bass in our CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Also add any MORE OPTIONS additions you prefer to cart. Select 'Can I Get a Discount?' at checkout. We’ll have a look at your build and get back to you.

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