At BITE Guitars, you enjoy immediate ordering. Build your bass online, put it in the cart and proceed through checkout, it can all be done in 3 minutes. You also enjoy short delivery times. Your custom bass can arrive at your doorstep as fast as two weeks later. You won't easily find any of this elsewhere.

How can we make it happen? We have developed a special production process. This process allows us to fulfill also some special wishes but not all. Any special wishes beyond our configurator are limited not by our will but by our technical possibilities.

We get quite some questions from bassists suspecting a secret menu full of lefties, fivers, different body shapes, thinner frets, fatter frets, more frets, no frets at all … it’s a long list. Well, somehow you all are wrong: all our basses are either Punches or Jawbones, have 4 strings, are right-handed and have 20 frets of one and the same medium-jumbo size. Developing and producing anything else would exceed our possibilities as of now.

On the other hand, somehow you are also right. We actually do offer specials that are not included in our configurator because they require some amount of interaction between you and us for specification purposes and also individual pricing depending on the amount of work involved:

Special neck plate engravings

We can engrave subjects like your scanned signature or other designs. Just ask us, we are happy to provide instructions.

Special hardware & parts

A bass is not a bass for you unless it has a high-mass bridge, Schaller tuners, a brass nut or NEON strings? We are happy to equip your BITE custom bass with any special parts as long as their dimensions fit. 

Special artwork

We can apply any custom design in high-resolution photo quality. As is the case with our configurator body art, the artwork will be applied through a state-of-the-art digital transfer technology, those ain't no stickers. The surface area available for artwork can include the body, pickguard and pickup, so you can have a big subject spreading across all surface levels. Ask us anyway, we are happy to provide instructions and pricing, which largely depends on the amount of graphics work we need to put in.

The Secret Menu: Lefties & Co 1

As is the case with custom printed pickguards in our configurator, keep in mind that your content does not violate the rights of third parties or any laws and that we reserve the right to refuse production. Also we do not offer body artwork or custom printed pickguards in the USA.

Special finish

  • We'll match your headstock color to your body color.
  • Not happy with our configurator choices? Gotta be a different color? Ask us about a special body color.
  • Not a friend of endlessly durable high-gloss poly finish at all? Ask us about an oil & wax finish. 

Special Pickup & Wiring Configurations

  • Two pickups are not enough? We'll install PJJ or JJJ for you without flinching an eye!
  • Parallel wiring not loud enough? We'll get you that parallel/series switch on board.
  • In-phase wiring too fat? Consider an in/out-of-phase switch for that twangy out-of-phase sound done.
  • Steplessly variable tone pot too much of a blind flight? You can have a C-switch for stepwise tone control.
Pictures 50

Switches anyone? The Guitar Summit Special Jawbone Steampunk sports a 5-way selectable PJJ pickup configuration (JJ, PJ, J bridge, J neck, P neck), in/out-of-phase switch, parallel/series switch, and a 5-way Helmuth Lemme C-switch at the tone pot. Oh, and before we forget, an on-board weather station including a thermometer and a hygrometer. This bass occupied center stage in the workshop held by BITE Guitars at the Guitar Summit 2019 on "Sound Shaping Through Pickup Modifications". 

All modifications need to be discussed and priced individually, just send us your basic configuration without any commitment by hitting the ASK US A QUESTION button at the bottom of the configurator and we'll get back to you.

As much as we would LOVE to make everyone else happy too, it is quite a challenge to offer over a billion configurations already. So please bear with us, we hope we can widen our range in the future.


  1. Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR as far as options allow, then hit ASK US A QUESTION.
  2. Tell us your special wishes either in the ASK US A QUESTION form or send us a mail to hello@bite.guitars.
  3. We'll get back to you.
  4. After we have discussed your ideas, we'll be able to quote you a price.
  5. If you find this price acceptable, we will send you a proforma invoice listing all specifications and shipping details for your approval.
  6. Once you approve of everything, we expect your kind payment via any of the payment options available on our website. We will give you easy payment instructions. 
  7. As soon as we have received your payment, the order is confirmed and we go to work. 
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