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God knows how many roundwound strings we've tested. We found fault with all of them. Too rough on the fingertips, too faint on the G string, good for single coil but disaster on the split coil, it was a neverending misery.

Until D'Addario's EXL170 nickel wound came in. They are the world's bestselling bass strings, and rightly so. Roundwounds of 45-65-80-100 gauge, their sound is nicely balanced across the fretboard, they are smooth and easy on the fingertips and they are allrounders for both split and single coil.

For those of you who need that beefy flatwound thump, we have a special offer of equally outstanding strings, i.e. the world's most popular flatwound strings: LaBella 760FS Deep Talkin' Bass, stainless steel flats of Motown fame, with a 45-65-85-105 gauge. Those are flats that cut through the mix.

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