Special Jawbone PJJ Black Steampunk


    • Model: Jawbone PJJ
    • Finish: Black Blast
    • Body Art: Orange Steampunk incl. decorative onboard weather station with thermometer and hygrometer
    • Pickups: BITE® 1000mV single coils & split coil branded
    • Nut Width: 38,1 mm 
    • Fretboard: Vintage Maple (acer saccharum) and Black Blocks
    • Nut: Black GraphTech®
    • Pickguard: Dark Tortoise
    • Control Knobs: JB Style
    • Neck Plate and Control Plate: Chrome
    • Tuners: BITE® cloverleaf chrome
    • Bridge: GOTOH® brass chrome
    • Strap Buttons: Vintage Black
    • Screw Color: Black
    • Wiring: Snap Connections
    • 4 strings: D’Addario® EXL170 nickel roundwounds
    • Scale: 34″ long scale
    • Weight: 3.8 kg

Delivery time: corresponds to current build time of configurator and additions


The Special Jawbone PJJ Black Steampunk has the following switches, as positioned starting from the output jack:

    1. Master Tone
    2. Master Volume
    3. Pickup Selector: Bridge only – Parallel – Neck only – Series
    4. In/Out-of-Phase Switch JJ
    5. In/Out-of-Phase Switch PJ
    6. Single/Split Coil Switch (selects J Neck/P Neck)


Pickup Configurations (PCs):

    • PC1: J Bridge
    • PC2: JJ Parallel, In Phase
    • PC3: JJ Parallel, Out of Phase
    • PC4: PJ Parallel, In Phase
    • PC5: PJ Parallel, Out of Phase
    • PC6: J Neck
    • PC7: P Neck
    • PC8: JJ Series, In Phase
    • PC9: JJ Series, Out of Phase
    • PC10: PJ Series, In Phase
    • PC11: PJ Series, Out of Phase



We are happy to build individual variations of these standard specs if required.

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