Marble or Man-Made?


No worries, this bass weighs back-friendly 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs), its body is made of alder wood. What’s making you scratch your head is the hand-painted 360° trompe l’oeil artwork by our illusionistic artist Peter. A scenic painter by profession, Peter worked on Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winning movies. 

Ordering your hand-painted artwork bass
Build your bass in the CONFIGURATOR as far as available options allow and add to cart. Also add this addition to cart as well as maybe any other MORE OPTIONS addition you prefer, such as for example 5-string or lightweight builds. Proceed through our online checkout. Welcome to select ‘risk-free dummy order’ for inquiries without any commitment. We’ll get back to you to discuss the artwork. 

  • Each body is painted individually, the artwork is protected under polyurethane clearcoat, same as any other BITE body color. Tell us your idea of fotorealistic material: marble, granite, limestone, gemstone, etc., also colors and structure. We'll get back to you.


Delivery time: adds 3 to 6 weeks to configurator delivery period


This is what Peter does for a living. This could be your bass texture.
… or this, or granite, limestone, gemstone, you name it.

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