Gift Certificate


10% X-mas discount for 1000€ and above!
(Pay only 900€ for 1000€ purchase value, offer valid until Dec 24, 2023.)

Several coupons can be combined for one bass purchase!

Coupons will not expire!

Welcome, Santa!

Whoever directed you here wishes to subtly tell you that they have been good boys and girls and – notwithstanding their love for socks and Xmas sweaters – what their heart truly lies in is a BITE custom bass. 

Kindly select your gift amount, name the recipient of your kindness and specifiy in what format you wish to receive the gift certificate. We will issue and mail you the certificate containing amount, recipient name and coupon code within 72 hours following receipt of payment. You will receive an order confirmation right away in any case. 

You can present the certificate to the recipient as a formal printout or forward in electronic form, it makes no difference, what ultimately counts is only the coupon code.


Delivery time: 72 hours

Gift certificate instructions

Redeemable on www.bite.guitars for the purchase of a BITE custom bass at the amount specified in the certificate. Apply this coupon code at online checkout. Your bass price will be reduced by the coupon amount(s). You can combine several coupons for one bass but use each coupon only once. Pay any remaining balance by Paypal, card or bank transfer.

Gift certificate terms

This certificate is non-transferable, it is to be used by the individual to whom it is issued, it cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, it will not expire but may be refunded to the original purchaser at the issuer’s discretion. The issuer assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen certificates. In case of questions, turn to hello@bite.guitars or select Risk-Free Dummy Order at checkout.

Issuer: BITE Guitars, Postfach 26, 1236 Vienna, Austria. Member of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), Vienna Bowed & Stringed Instruments Guild. Subject to the laws of Austria, jurisdiction Vienna. 

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