The Dragon Bass



  • Pickups: BITE® 1000mV single coils & split coil in special position
  • Pickup configurations: bridge only – parallel JJ – parallel PJ – neck only J – neck only P – series JJ – series PJ
  • Body: US alder (alnus rubra) 
  • Finish: Quite White
  • Body Art: Black Dragon
  • Neck:Natural hard maple (acer saccharum), 38.1 mm nut width, D profile, backside mat speed finish
  • Fretboard: fretboard of your choice
  • Nut: white GraphTech®
  • Pickguard: black 3-ply
  • Control knobs: diamond domes black
  • Tuners: BITE® black Y
  • Bridge: GOTOH® chrome brass
  • Strap Buttons: vintage chrome
  • Screw color: black
  • 4 strings: D’Addario® EXL170 nickel roundwounds
  • Scale: 34″ long scale
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
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Delivery time: 14 weeks


This monster was first devised and built for rock bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni. It features a short headstock, a JPJ pickup configuration and parallel/series wiring. This means you’ve got a whopping seven different pickup configurations at your disposal, and, boy, that series setting will just blow off your roof! Five different necks are available. The dragon artwork was designed by the hard rock design team of all4band.com and is only available on this model.


The Dragon Bass has the following switches, as positioned starting from the output jack:

    1. Master Tone
    2. Master Volume
    3. Pickup Selector: Bridge only – Parallel – Neck only – Series
    4. Single/Split Coil Selector: defines if “Parallel – Neck only – Series” refers to the neck J or the neck P pickup

Pickup Configurations:

The dragon has a total of 7 pickup configurations: 

    • PC1: J Bridge
    • PC2: JJ Parallel
    • PC3: PJ Parallel
    • PC4: J Neck
    • PC5: P Neck
    • PC6: JJ Series
    • PC7: PJ Series


We are happy to build individual variations of these standard specs if required.

Dragon Bass 1

Dragon Bass

Dragon Bass 2

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