4-in-Line Headstock Addition

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BITE 4-in-line necks have a special headstock shape. All four tuning machines are lined up left, as opposed to our regular 2-left-2-right headstock layout. We at BITE had great fun finding just the right spot for placing our signature bite on the headstock, a bunch of earlier designs went straight out the window. 
We build these necks individually, so we regret we need to charge a somewhat higher price. 4-IN-LINE PROMOTION: No upcharge in May 2022! Promotion ends May 31.
Ordering your bass with 4-In-Line Headstock
4-In-Line Headstock is an addition to a bass, it cannot be ordered on its own. Build your bass with our standard 2 left + 2 right headstock in the CONFIGURATOR and add to cart. Also add 4-In-Line Headstock Addition to cart and proceed to checkout. If you prefer more than one neck variation from our configurator standard, e-mail us for an individual package price. 
For 5-string basses, we offer an optional 4+1 headstock pictured below.

Delivery time: 1-4 weeks

4-in-Line Headstock

4-in-Line Headstock 5

4-in-Line Headstock 1
4-in-Line Headstock 4

4-in-Line Headstock 3

5-String Addition
4+1 headstock optionally available for 5-string basses
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