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Your BITE bass comes accompanied by a complimentary toolkit containing all essential tools for changing strings, personalizing your setup and, in case you went for the solderless electronics, also for modifying your pickup.

  • Wiha® Fine Screwdriver with Chrome Vanadium Blade and Rotating Cap. We've been through a number of lousy screwdrivers in our workshop. This one remained as the last one standing, the proud winner. So indestructable, we won't withhold it from you.
  • Tubular Box Spanner Set for all nuts on tuning machines and electronics. We use those spanners in our own production, too. No fiddling, gently controllable and faster by hand than you can say electric drill.
  • String Cutter. Doesn't even fear the E-string.
  • 4 mm Hex Wrench for adjusting neck relief at the headstock heel.
  • 1,5 mm Hex Wrench for adjusting string action at the bridge.
Home 2020 V2 56
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